Free HDRi Timelapse Sky

Grzegorz Wronkowski shares a pack of 300 unclipped 10K hdri frames which can be used as an HDRI timelapse or animated environment for your scenes.


I created this hdri timelapse set using Nikon D800, Promote Controler and 10 stops ND filter attached to Sigma 8mm circular fish eye lens. For proper white balance and profile I used X-Rite Color Checker. All 300 hdri maps (32 bit .exr files) were captured every 5 seconds, but in fact because of shooting in brackets of 5 shots, and camera memory buffer it was between 5-8 seconds in reality.
All processed RAW files were exported to 16-bit tiffs (around 300GB of data in files). I have written quick Python script to find out missing frames and finally merged all flat tiffs into 32-bit .exr files in Photomatix. I used PTGui to batch transform all frames into equirectangular format.” – Grzegorz Wronkowski

Click here to download the files.

Source: Evermotion