10 Practical uses for Photoshop’s new AI tool

Agnieszka Klich will guide you through 10 essential actions that can transform your creative work using Photoshop’s new AI tool.


In this video you will learn about how to:

1. Add Elements: Easily incorporate missing greenery or objects into your images.

2. Remove Distractions: Eliminate unwanted elements seamlessly by selecting them. No prompt required.

3. Expand Images: Need a broader view? Use the crop tool to expand in all directions.

4. Add Reflections: Create realistic reflections effortlessly. Select the area, click “Generate Fill,” and choose the best option.

5. Replace the Sky: Replace unappealing skies with captivating ones. Select the sky, generate a new fill, adjust opacity, and refine the mask for stunning results.

6. Add Shadows to Cutout People: Achieve realistic shadows for cutout people by selecting, creating masks, and generating fills.

7. Apply Client’s Comments: Address client requests efficiently. Use the lasso tool, the right prompt, and generate the desired effect, such as running water from a tap.

8. Enhance Natural Elements: Elevate the visual appeal of trees, vegetation, rocks, and more.

9. Improve 3D People Models: Enhance the realism of 3D people models by generating new fills for specific elements like towels or hairstyles.

10. Change Outfits: Maintain consistency in your compositions by changing outfits seamlessly.