Hyrule Lost Woods Teaser

French 3D artist and photographer Romuald Chaigneau has shares this amazing teaser for his latest project: The Hyrule Lost Woods.


As the artists himself describes it.

“Like many people sensitive to the world of video games, a license in particular is dear to my heart, I speak of course of the universe of The Legend of Zelda.

For some time I wanted to create a project around this universe. Maybe an image, an environment. But a year ago, I challenged myself to make a short film around the theme of the lost woods of Hyrule.

This project is all the more ambitious for me because I am of course alone working on it. I only use one computer, my personal computer, to calculate the film, and I render absolutely everything on 4K resolution.

So I post today my progress on the project. This is a short teaser to show you a preview.

Obviously, this is a personal project for the purpose of creating, there is no partnership with Nintendo or anyone. And this project is completely non-profit. I wouldn’t make any money on it.”

The main tools being used in this project are 3ds Max and Corona Renderer.

You can watch the video below.